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To Choose Jamey Tippens as your home inspector, call 919-619-6172 now.

Choosing a home inspector is an important step in the process of buying or selling a home. There are plenty of good inspectors, but there are plenty of bad ones. Here are a few tips to help tell them apart.

  1. Does he work full-time as an inspector? Many inspectors work part-time as a supplement to other jobs. If a general contractor does one or two inspections a month he could be a great contractor but not quite on top of his game as an inspector.

  2. How many inspections does he do in an average year? An experienced inspector will perform a minimum of one hundred inspections a year. If your candidate replies with a number over three hundred, make sure you read his sample report very carefully - he may not have time to pay full attention at his inspections.

  3. Does the inspector have a website? You can learn a lot about the inspector by studying his website. Just like the inspector himself, it should be friendly and provide the information you need.

  4. Most inspectors have a sample report available on their website. Read it carefully. Home Inspection reports break down into two basic categories: Narrative and Checklist. You should decide which style you find more informative. Narrative reports take longer to write and give more information. Checklist reports are quicker and usually cheaper. Does the report include photographs that clearly show problems? Is the writing clear and concise? Does the inspector specify precisely where the problem can be found?

  5. How quickly will you receive the inspection report? Some inspectors pride themselves on printing the report on-site at the end of the inspection. Others go back to the office to write the report, which gives them more time to polish the narrative and look carefully at the photographs. They should still be able to provide the report within 24 hours.

  6. What certificates and licenses does the inspector hold? In North Carolina all inspectors must be licensed, which means they have satisfied the Licensure Board as to the experience and training necessary to perform inspections. Most good inspectors will attend continuing education classes beyond those required to maintain their license, and may be certified for other types of inspections such as Radon, Mold, Lead Based Paint, etc. Most good inspectors maintain a membership in an inspector's organization, which give them the opportunity to share experiences and to learn from their peers.

  7. If you need more information before deciding, ask the inspector for references. There's a good chance that you can talk with a client of the inspector who has a house similar to yours.